EI3HAM – Tipperary Regional Station, IECRO Ireland

Welcome to the IECRO IRELAND amateur radio club. 

The International Emergency Communication Registry of Operators (IECRO) is a global amateur radio organisation. All of its members share a common interest in the area of emergency operations. To become a Member of the IECRO an application form must be completed and submitted to a national or regional IECRO affiliated club.

Application for membership is open to categories of person listed below, either currently employed or retired, and who also possess a valid amateur radio license:

  • Ambulance, Aeronautical, Army/Military/Navy, Coast Guard, Fire Services, Police, Satellite Development/Management/Navigation, Space Research and other emergency preparedness based organisations/teams.
  • Persons not associated to an emergency group but who are generally interested in supporting the goals of the IECRO.

The members of our club here in Ireland operate a wide range of different radio modes including CW, Phone and PSK.

Irish Club Webpage:  https://www.iecro.com/ireland/

Applications for membership to the club should be made via the IECRO website.

Training Courses:

Every few months we run a number of radio theory classes, with a strong emphasis on international best practices in disaster management, specifically aimed at teaching new members how to become skilled licensed operators. In addition to this we also provide some basic training in terms of license-exempt methods such as Citizens Band, and PMR446.

Newly Licensed? In addition to running these above courses, our club has a Technical Panel which can advise newly licensed operators how to setup their home stations and how to operate portable.

Automated Services: IECRO Ireland manages a number of repeaters, gateways and other services, some of which are listed below. Please note some of these are currently undergoing installation/testing/maintenance at this time.

  1. EI0SNR, High Frequency simplexer for western europe FM service provision.
  2. EI2BED, VHF DMR and D-Star Gateway
  3. EI2SNG, VHF AllStar/Echolink Gateway. Maritime Mobile licensed usage permitted.
  4. EI4SNR, 70MHz simplexer, linked to EI0SNR.
  5. EI7SND, Multimode Digital Voice Simpex Repeater and Gateway.
  6. EI7SNP, AX.25 Data Services including Email and Weather Forecasts.
  7. EI7SNR, FM Duplex Repeater.