EI0SNR – High Frequency Simplexer/Parrot Repeater

Note: EI0SNR currently undergoing installation and testing (final stages). This page is for general information purposes prior to it going permanently live.

This HF automated analogue simplexer/parrot is managed by the IECRO Ireland Radio Club (EI0IPN), located in the Midlands Region of Ireland.

We run training courses on an annual basis for license examination candidates.

IECRO is passionate about promoting the increased usage of the 10 meter and 4 meter bands. As such, EI0SNR is network linked to the clubs VHF 4 meter band parrot, thus encouraging new users into both these bands.

For normal daily FM voice operations, the EI7SNR repeater may provide satisfactory coverage to the midlands region. Sometimes however, especialy during times of emergencies, it may be necessary to extend the range of coverage even further.

By combining EI0SNR, EI2SNG and EI4SNR during such an event, it is possible to establish an RF bridge between the cities of Dublin and Galway.