Want to get into Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) but don’t know where to start?

MyHam can assist you with the process of getting onto the air using this mode. We can give you one-to-one personal advice over the telephone about your various radio options and we can even locally/nationally help to get your DMR ID allocation on the international databases progressed in less than 24 hours.

What is DMR?

DMR is a relatively new mode to Amateur Radio. With DMR you can talk all over the world using just a handheld DMR radio so long as you are within range of a DMR gateway.

With DMR you can choose to talk to different groups of people based on the location in the world they are living, or you can talk to other individual amateur radio operators.

There are many different radios available on the market for DMR and MyHam can talk you through all your options if you would like our advice/support.

How to get a DMR ID?

Just contact the MyHam support number listed below and we will help make the process very easy for you. If you have all of the required information available we can even get you registered potentially within just a few minutes.

  • MyHam Support Ireland: 089 405 0602
  • Calling from UK: +353 89 405 0602