IRTS VHF Manager’s Report


There was major tropospheric propagation which occurred
on 2m and 70cm opening over May 5th and 6th between
D4VHF (Cape Verde) and the Caribbean. On 5th of May
D4VHF worked 9Y4D (4,006km) & KP4EIT (4,393km)
on 2m using FT8. D4VHF also worked 9Y4D (4,006km)
and FG8OJ (3,867km) on 70cm using FT8.On 6th of May
D4VHF worked NP4BM (4,450km) & WP3DN (4,363km)
on 2m using FT8. On 29th of April Tim EI4GNB worked
Gintas LY2YR on 40.220Mhz, this is an EI first 2,039km.
German radio amateurs have now access to the
frequency range 50.000 MHz – 52.000 MHz, on
a secondary basis with a maximum bandwidth of 12
kHz with all types of transmission using antennas with
horizontal polarization. Significantly improved power
increase from 50.000−50.400 MHz has been ordered.
Holders of Class A license can now transmit with
a maximum of 750 W PEP, and holders of a Class E
license with 100 W PEP. The Shannon Basin 2m Net is
held on 145.350Mhz every Thursday evening at 20:00hrs
all are welcome to call in.