Retrieval of Titanic Marconi Wireless Equipment


US federal judge Rebecca Beach Smith of the US District Court in Norfolk, VA has ruled that the radio equipment onboard the Titanic is of historical and cultural importance, also that could soon be lost within the rapidly decaying wreck. The Judge has given permission to a salvage company to “minimally” cut into the wreck to access the radio room.

R.M.S. Titanic plans to use a manned submarine to reach the wreck and then deploy a remotely controlled sub to retrieve the radio equipment. David Concannon, a lawyer for R.M.S Titanic Incorporated, said the company would try to avoid cutting into the ship, noting that the radio room may be reachable through a skylight that is already open.

R.M.S Titanic has stated that the radio transmitter could unlock some of the secrets about a missed warning message and distress calls sent from the ship. “It tells an important story,” Concannon said. “It tells of the heroism of the operators that saved the lives of 705 people. They worked until water was lapping at their feet.”