Development of Remote Testing Methods


The Federal Communications Commission has clarified that there is nothing within its rules which prohibits remote examination testing for amateur radio testing. They have also clarified that no prior approval is required to conduct remote exam sessions.

The following statement clearly addresses this issue: “The Commission provides flexibility to volunteer examiners and coordinators who wish to develop remote testing methods or to increase remote testing programs already in place,” ….“We recognize that some volunteer examiner coordinators may not have the immediate capacity for widespread remote testing. We expect those volunteer examiner coordinators with limited remote testing capacity to work closely with those requesting such testing to prioritize any available remote testing slots.”

Maria Somma, AB1FM (ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator Manager): “Many of our VEs and VE Teams have been employing remotely proctored exam sessions with both video and in-person components, and following social-distancing protocols, where necessary”. She also made the following comment: “Some ARRL VE teams have shown great promise in administering exams remotely.”

To find amateur radio license exam sessions in your area, please visit the ARRL website. Candidates should verify with their VE teams that the exam session is being held and if any special procedures are required to attend.