New 2M Transatlantic Record


A new transatlantic record on 144MHz has been reported which now brings the top distance to nearly 4,760 kilometers (2,951 miles). John Desmond, EI7GL in a recent post said “The incredible tropo conditions between Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean continue to amaze with transatlantic contacts on 144 MHz and 432 MHz being made”. This contact was established between D4VHF in the Cape Verde Islands and PJ2BR on Curacao using FT8.

The distance covered was approximately 300 kilometers greater than the previous transatlantic record, set last summer by D41CV and NP4BM. John pointed out that this new 2 meter transatlantic record distance is just about 10 kilometers short of the IARU Region 1 tropospheric propagation record on that band.

Just one day earlier on 7th April 2020, an operator at D4VHF and Burt Demarcq, FG8OJ on Guadeloupe completed the first direct transatlantic contact on 70 centimetres, spanning 3,867 kilometers (2,398 miles) using the same mode.